Brainbow Conscious Creatives is fast-growing global leader in trans-media diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) storytelling.  Our loving creative passion is to be part of the solution for a better world by transforming and delivering on your DEIB policies.  Our next-level DEIB storytelling work helps you engage your stakeholders so that they become passionate love activists and brand advocates for your brand and organisational mission.

We are rooted in Africa, the very birthplace of storytelling and diversity and draw from this deep well of wisdom. Our passion to fuse the best of authentic ancient knowledge with the most innovative trans-media storytelling platforms (film, apps, experiences) to tell your brand story in fresh and memorable ways that come alive. Recent neuroscience studies affirm that storytelling is the most powerful, memorable change agent tool for your brand. Our Trans-media storytelling enables deep resonance, relevance and engagement with your audience.

Equipped with our experiences as Africans and women, our call to love people into being and the undeniable power of storytelling our business has now evolved to help create global love, unity and empowerment.