Kutlwano Mabusela and Chule Gobodo both grew up under Apartheid in South Africa. Kutlwano grew up in renowned Soweto, the epicenter of the freedom movement. Chule grew up in what was a Bantustan (another country) called the Transkei which was Nelson Mandela’s ancestral home. When South Africa gained independence and Africans were allowed to vote for the first time in 1994 a process of “integration” began. We were among the first black students to attend previously white only schools. We call ourselves transition kids because we experienced many firsts when South Africa was transitioning into democracy. As a result we found ourselves in many spaces that were not inclusive, where experienced micro-aggressions and we felt we didn’t belong.

In 2020 Covid and social movements like Black Lives Matter and Me Too gained momentum and a sharp rise in the mental health crisis.  We saw corporates and organisations voice their support for fighting racism and discrimination. In order to address these historical separations we need to build courageous company cultures and daring leaders who are vulnerable and open.

Ubuntu is an African philosophy which declares “I am because you are.” Ubuntu is a call to oneness and beingness. It is a call to meet one of the biggest human core needs; the need to be seen. Ubuntu is an invitation towards self-awareness and self-love. Brainbow is located in South Africa home, to the “cradle of humankind.” rooted in our most ancient common heritage and re-imagining and lovingly telling the story of our most exciting future.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging work has inspired us to create spaces and platforms where people are seen, welcomed and loved BECAUSE of their difference not in spite of them.  Using the power of conscious, love-centric storytelling, our own experiences and the philosophy of Ubunitism we know we can make a real, tangible difference in creating a better world.