Cooperate Culture
DEIB Experiences

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belong work is HUMANISATION work

At Brainbow we have a holistic approach to help you craft, get buy-in and use Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) storytelling rooted in neuroscience to achieve a competitive advantage within your organisation and market.

Here’s how we take you through our Cooperate Culture DEIB Experiences value chain:

1. We do a DEIB Audit of our organisation. This will entail an audit session with key stakeholders.

2. From the DEIB Audit session we create innovative DEIB story strategies to turn your DEIB strategy into impactful experiences your organisation can buy into and champion.

3. DEIB Story Experience. Here your C-Suite and employees make a virtual or actual film about your new DEIB ambitions and culture. Using the neuroscience of storytelling these experiences embed your DEIB narrative for maximum impact.

4. From here we create a plethora of DEIB Story solutions for your Internal Comms Campaigns. From story circles, documentaries, DEIB Story Experiences/technology and so much more.