DEIB Tech & Platforms

At Brainbow we are constantly researching and developing fresh innovative ways to connect audiences in DEIB trans-media ways. These are collaboration DEIB opportunities that our current and future clients can participate in.

Maele – an Inclusion Tech Solution

Informational justice is becoming a big conversation in the DEIB space. Millions of people do not have access to information because of high data costs in most African countries.

When the Corona Virus hit this disparity and inequality became magnified. Parents in under-serviced communities stuck at home with children didn’t have access to online schooling resources. On top of that Gender Based Violence became a huge problem for many in South Africa.

Maele is a data free solution where we provide African single Mothers (60% of parents in South Africa) with story resources on topics such as: Mental Health, Legal Aid, Financial literacy, positive parenting and home schooling resources.

Contact us if you like to be part of informational justice and collaborate with us to make this desperately need solution a reality.

The Economy of Women – a DEIB story space for African women

The Economy of Women is a digital space for African women (including non binary people and TransWomen) around the world to share stories and connect. We are working on building on our community of 2300 followers by providing conscious content, uplifting stories and virtual African storytelling connect sessions. In the future we aspire to create a story sharing app where our members can meet, grow, be inspired and thrive.

The Confidence Incubator Story Experience

The Confidence Incubator is a year-long coaching and mentorship programme designed to grow the self-confidence of young African girls and gender non-conforming people from under-serviced communities. We will do this by confronting the story that our mentees believe about themselves through our four module narrative curriculum.

African Queer Festival

African Queer Festival is a 2 day story experience where we will question, discuss, explore, educate, re-imagine and experience African Queer Culture.