Chule Gobodo

Chule is Relationship Manager & Executive Creative Director responsible for innovative, research-based and story driven media.

She has a BA in Motion Picture from AFDA, an Honors degree in Studio Art from SACI in Florence, Italy. and a Certificate in sales and Marketing. Chule is currently a candiate for an MBA in creative leadership form the Berlin school of Creative Leadership.

Chule is Branson Entrepreneur, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Fellow and Lionesses of Africa alumna. With her 11 years as a creative executive, she is able to draw from her arsenal of knowledge to craft memorable, love centred story assets.

Personal Life

Chule is known as “Chule the Love Activist” is wife to Quintine Yiwombe and mother to Malibongwe (5yrs old).

She is a certified birth doula, a video artist, director and script writer.

Driven by her passion to spread love, she started using self-love as an activism tool. In 2020 she started Conversations with a love Activist, a web-series that charts her journey towards healing and self-love.

Fuelled by a need to heal from emotional, racial, sexual and financial trauma, she has created a community of self-lovers on social media. Her most recent episode with her mother Nonkululeko Gobodo (the 1st black woman charted accountant in South Africa) about healing sexual shame was featured on news 24.


Conversations with a love activist