Inclusive Trans-Media  Campaign

In season one, Walt Disney Company Africa in partnership with First National Bank premiered the award winning season one My Magic is Me. A new series of twelve, one minute live-action videos  and twelve animated short-form content that celebrates the diversity and magic of every-day African children. This incredible diversity, equity and inclusion campaign premiered on Africa Day, 25 May 2021 to celebrate the representation of Africa’s children.The content played across Disney Channel (DStv, Channel 303) and other channels in the Disney portfolio, as well as on Disney Africa’s social media and digital platforms.

My Magic is Me campaign was a resounding success:

  • Over 500 000 views on youtube alone
  • Video Completion rate of 87%
  • End Card Engagement of 21.2%
  • Message Association Uplift of 26%
  • Ad Recall Uplift of 42%

In 2023, we embarked on My Magic is Me season two. Season two was developed with the above impact results in mind. It was clear that South African children wanted to see more of themselves represented on our screens and devices.

In season two we worked together with the clients ‘Brand Refresh’ and focused on placing a community spin on the campaign. Now, it was time for our Magic Makers to share their talents and uniqueness with the world. We created a pairing where each Magic Maker is paired with a Social Media Adult Influencer that knows nothing about our Magic Makers talent! 

We challenged the adult  Influencers to learn and be taught by our Magic Maker with very little time. From skateboarding to an up and coming comedian; our Magic Makers tested their Influencer while sharing their personalities and talents with the world.